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  Alumni Testimonials



UC Berkeley
I transferred from DVC as an Architecture student to UCB in 2017. I've always appreciated the efforts of the staff in DVC, which also influenced my later Architecture study in different places. The resources provided by the Engineering Technology Department helped me reach out to the latest technology in the field, and they are even better than some universities I've visited. All these experiences in DVC provided me a comprehensive knowledge foundation and helped me always get a few steps ahead of my peers.



(Environmental Sciences)
UC Berkeley 
Starting my journey in the US at DVC helped me assimilate into the US culture more smoothly. DVC has smaller classes compared to Cal, which made it easier for me to approach Professors and my fellow classmates. Furthermore, DVC also gave me the opportunity to develop other skills by making it easy for me to work part-time as a campus tutor.



DVC placeholder



Attending Diablo Valley College is probably one of the best decisions I ever made. The environment in DVC is just perfect for study because most of the students here aim to transfer into the top ranking universities after two years of study. I was admitted to all nine of the UC campus and enrolled at UCLA. I also become very good friends with a lot of my classmates. We still stay in touch. And I'm currently working for the trading desk of a world-leading company. Looking backward a little bit, attending DVC Is truly a life-changing decision.


Kathy - China

(General Education)
Northumbria University
Studying at DVC  was definitely eye-opening for me. The college itself is a blend of various students from all over the world. Hence, I got the chance to learn not only from inside the classroom but outside too. DVC offers a large selection of classes and club activities so it was not just all work and no play. Attending DVC has helped me to develop both academically and socially. I also like the fact that the campus location is very strategic. 


ting taiwan dvc

(Culinary Arts)
I would recommend Diablo Valley College due to the budget... Second, by being the best college that transfers students to universities in California. If you are looking for help with transferring your credits, they have the best team of counselors. Third, their professors and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, very friendly, and cheerful. By being an international student, I've got huge help from the ISO team... And lastly, the community of DVC. My classmates became my true friends, and I will carry all the memorable times spent with them forever.


Silvia - Brazil


Cal State East Bay
My time at Diablo Valley College (DVC) was great! I made lots of friends and had nice professors. Because I had never visited the US before coming to DVC, I was a little confused in the beginning. However, because of the support I received from the DVC international office, I was able to finish all classes successfully. Transferring to Cal State East Bay was not difficult. Every time I visited my counselors, they gave me the form that showed the classes I need to take before transferring, and the process of applying to East Bay was also really simple. The Bay Area is the best place to live, too-- it is a safe place to live, with lots of diversity, and easy access to the city of San Francisco.


Silvia - Brazil

(Culinary Arts)
Cal State East Bay
The Culinary Art Program at Diablo Valley College strengthened my professional skills and set me up for the next stage in my career. Since transferring to Cal State East Bay, I have continued with more in-depth study in the hospitality industry to gain a broader view and more insights. Thanks to these two institutions, my education journey has accelerated, I have grown in confidence, and I have recently been honored to receive a Global Honors Scholarship from Cal State East Bay. Many doors have already opened for me since coming to California, and when I graduate, I expect to make an exciting career move. Silvia - Brazil

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Silvia (Brazil) - DVC



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