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Students at Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, and Los Medanos College come from more than 60 countries to study; many then transfer to four-year universities to receive a bachelor’s degree.


International Student Testimonials

  CCC Testimonials

I have been a part of the International Student Club since I started CCC. I have met many friends from all over the world, and at the same time, I learned about their cultures too. And our Mrs. Lindsay helps us learn about American culture. We went to a UC Berkeley football game together. And we will do a toy drive this holiday season. Being a part of the club has helped me with my communication skills.


Zhuoma - Tibet, China
Being in CCC makes me feel so lucky and fortunate because I got to be part of a big internship collaborating with USDA and Stanford University. With this opportunity, I learned a lot about how we can express what we learned in the laboratory in the real science world. It was making me realize why I chose Biotechnology as my major. I got to work in a lab where great scientists accomplished a lot in impacting human life on Earth.


Pratigya - Nepal
CCC's Nursing/Pre-nursing/Biological Science program is one of the best that I have experienced. There's a newly opened Science building where there are new facilities, laboratories, and classrooms. Further, the professors are excellent (such as Dr. Coatney), and resources (models of the human anatomy, biological science tutors, and open laboratories) are also widely available for students.


Angelo - Philippines
My favorite things about CCC are the library and the Skills Center. I especially think the Skills Center is very useful! Tomomichi - Japan

The teachers (at CCC) are very good; the classes are perfect. You have the opportunity to share with people from other countries. They have a lot of services, and support for the students, clubs, and organizations.

Amy - Colombia

The first thing I always think about (at CCC) is the international education office and the counseling office. They always help so much with the international students. Contra Costa College has a restaurant for us. I work for the restaurant to practice my prep program. 

Annie - Tanzania

My plan after CCC is to transfer as a Computer Science major. I want to graduate with my Bachelor’s (degree) and then move on to get my Ph.D. I have been thinking of applying to the UC system, San Jose State University, plus Georgia Tech and UT Austin (University of Texas).

Rose - Cambodia

I have been living in the U.S for a year now.  I got the opportunity to enroll in the EMT (Emergency Medical Training) program at CCC.  It has been one of the best decisions.  Thank you to all the staff and professors that made it possible.  Now that I have my OPT permit I get the chance to work  with professionals every day.  Each day, I learn more and more. Thank you, CCC for making it possible!

Anahy - Mexico
Swastika B.C.

I have a desire to care, to serve and to help. I choose to do it all with the profession called nursing. Nursing has always been my dream career. To make my dream come true I am here being a part of CCC. I am an international student and this is my second semester at CCC. I am very impressed with the variety of great subjects provided at CCC. It has been a very comfortable and one of the best journeys of my studying path. The staff is very friendly and helpful, Also I adore the support and help I always get in need from my advisor Mrs. Lindsay. The CCC is my home away from home and the staff is my second family who is making it easy for me to achieve my goals. 

Swastika B.C. -  Nepal

Major: Engineering

My favorite thing about CCC is the diverse and welcoming environment, it instantly becomes a home  away from home with the oceanic view of the bay on the horizon. What I've learned so far is the ability to develop higher cultural intelligence skills. My experience abroad has taught me to be able to embrace our uniqueness through our backgrounds and cultivate our potential to the fullest of our abilities. One thing I like about CCC is the opportunities it offers, through the resources and learning culture it provides, offering open opportunities to every student to be able to progress to top institutions like UC Berkeley and other California State universities.

Swastika B.C. -  Nepal


  DVC Testimonials

Attending Diablo Valley College has changed my life. The environment here is perfect for study. Most of the students here are aiming to transfer to top-level universities, so I feel encouraged and try my best to achieve my goal. My professors provide great online lectures right now, and I not only learn knowledge but also the attitude toward my career and life. Sihao, China
I currently study at Diablo Valley College and major in Sociology. I would like to transfer to top UC schools, and I believe DVC is the best community college in California for transferring. DVC has amazing faculties and provides several resources for students who aim to transfer. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to join DVC. Youn, South Korea
I major in Architecture at DVC. I strongly feel the learning environment here has helped me grow a lot. The professors I’ve met are very nice and always keen to help students to reach their goals. Lots of my friends from here transferred to their dream schools, and mine is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I believe I would be one of them on the list the next year. Chen, China

I chose DVC because it was the most convenient way for me to start my journey as an international student in the Bay Area. It was also the best financial option for my family, as it saved us money by going through a community college first. Also, I have heard that DVC is known for being one of the top colleges sending transfer students to the University of California as it is my goal. The best part (of my DVC experience) was to be able to study in an environment where everyone is included and heard thanks to the many academic aids and programs that DVC has to offer. I was also honored to be the ICC for DVC’s Scholar for Justice a club that has for mission to help formerly incarcerated, and system impacted students reach their academic goals.


Mansour, France

Ever since I started studying at DVC, I haven't had any doubt about my decision to come here. DVC offers so many resources for students to succeed while also providing a chance for students to have a balanced life within their time here. I think that is the most valuable quality of the college.

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brian burma dvc 150

I like DVC’s location because it’s in the middle of a lot of great nature places and cities. It’s not too far from San Francisco either, so we have options if you want to get out and enjoy California. I chose DVC because I heard it has a great transfer rate to a lot of great UCs, especially for Berkeley.

Celeste, Singapore
Coming to Diablo Valley College was one of the best decisions I ever made. The school counselor here has the experience to help many students successfully transfer to another school. They can advise you on which school to transfer to and the major you want to study, and they can help you to arrange the courses you need. Besides, Diablo Valley College teaches in small classes with only about 30 students in each class, which I think is of great help to students.

Puyuan, China

The professors (at DVC)  are really accessible, either in class or after class. You can always go to their office hours; they’re always willing to help and listen to whatever issue you may have in the class. I’m involved in three (student) clubs. I’m actually the former President of the Women in Computer Science Club. Over there we go to hackathons, which are competitions for computer science students and we do a lot of other activities. I want to transfer to UC Berkeley, and I came to DVC because I think it’s the best school to transfer to UC Berkeley.

Diana, Cameroon
Juan Diego

I really like that it's in the suburbs, so it’s a very nice area with shops, and stuff to do around campus. And the great thing about it is if you don’t like peaceful, you also want crazy, you can catch the BART and go to San Francisco, hang out in the big city and it’s amazing! If you’re not sure about your major, this is an affordable option that you can explore, try different things and then transfer to a university that’s good for your major. After DVC, I plan to transfer to a 4-year university. My dream school would be the University of Southern California.

Juan diego, Peru


DVC International Student Club President

Major: Kinesiology
Transferring (Fall 2023)
to San Diego State University

The most valuable thing about DVC is all the international students out there. We support each other socially, emotionally, and academically. Over here, we are able to interact with students from literally all over the world and explore various cultures, languages, cuisines, music, and so on and so forth. All of them diversify our life experiences and permanently change our perspectives toward life ever since.

Pin-Ray, Taiwan

Being at Diablo Valley College coming all the way from Africa has been my life-changing moment and a dream come true. l am majoring in Geology and it has been a great journey for me. All the professors are very friendly and helpful they have office hours where they can help you to understand more about your studies not to mention the International student office, they are always there to help regarding whatever situation it might be, how wonderful is that!?  DVC has changed my life in so many aspects, and l am able to attain my bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley because it is one of the best colleges in the Bay Area.

Rute, Zimbabwe

I would highly recommend DVC to international students because it is a very friendly, safe, friendly environment. There are so many international students from around the world. It’s a great place. The professors are really nice, and it’s just a very friendly environment.

Khalid, QATAR
I think the location of Diablo Valley College is really good. The groceries, hospitals, and housing are all available near campus. Mount Diablo, Yosemite, and Napa Valley are all around the city, so we can visit the travel spots during the vacation. I work as a student work in ISAS (international student office), and I also work as a math tutor in the math lab. Being involved in the campus makes me feel more connected to DVC and American society.

Youn, South Korea

I like DVC’s location because it has a lot of restaurants, especially being a Muslim, where I eat certain foods such as halal meat. So there’s a lot of variety that you can find around DVC. I’m currently the President of the International Student Club, and also I’m working on campus as a student worker at the Career & Transfer Service. I’m planning to transfer to UC Davis.

Mohamed, Malaysia

Teachers here (at DVC) are great. They will always find time for students to help. This college offers many extracurricular activities and opportunities for your future studies and career plans. International Student Office is the place that I love. They’ll always be there for you and will do anything to help you.

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Ravil Kazakhstan dvc 150

My studies at DVC and employment in the International Student Admissions & Services help me to become more independent as a student and learn things that I need to know in order to achieve my career goals in the future.

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taito japan dvc 150

DVC has a lot of opportunities. If you were really serious about building up your resume and transferring to your dream school, join in clubs, student government, and talk to your instructors.

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ting taiwan dvc 150


  LMC Testimonials


I like the weather here because it’s very similar to Brazil. I like the professors because they are very kind and very professional, and they are available all the time to help us. I recommend LMC because the location is perfect, the professors are very good, and they have many resources, and the international student office is very helpful and can help you in every step of your process.

aline 150

San Francisco Bay Area is an awesome place, and the weather is super nice. I’m planning to transfer (from LMC) to UC Berkeley.

Feng, China

When I came here to Los Medanos College as an international student, we had an orientation week. There were other students to help you find friends or just to talk with them, so you have somebody in school. And now I’m doing that with the new students that are coming in.

Melanie, Germany

I like the professors (at LMC) because they are willing to help outside of class, and the classes are usually interactive, and it’s easy to make friends. I’ll be working in the library (next week), and I’m also involved in the International Student Club. I plan to transfer to Cal State East Bay.

Nafisat, Nigeria

My study abroad experience (at LMC) brought me great influence and spiced up my life. I will never forget this experience.

takeru japan lmc 150



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