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Each year approximately 200 international students transfer from our colleges to 4-year colleges and universities. Approximately 90% of these transfer students select public and private institutions in California to complete their bachelor's degrees.  About 10% of international student transfers each year enroll in out-of-state schools throughout the U.S.  

The California and U.S. maps below highlight some of the 4-year institutions where our international students have transferred in recent years.

The links on the right show annual transfer data. Additional data is coming soon.

student transfer map california


CSU and UC transfer map 

Most of our international students enroll in one of the 32 public universities of the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. Not only are 100% of our college-level courses transferable to these universities, but 29 of these institutions offer a transfer guarantee:  A Degree with a Guarantee to a CSU or a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) to a UC.

transfer map csu uc


Additional Transfer Agreements



Transfer Scholars Network (only DVC) 

Pathways to UC Berkeley

 2022 UC admission rates



International Student Transfer Scholarships

Disclaimer: This is only a partial listing of 4-year institutions that offer international student transfer scholarships. Eligibility requirements and amounts vary by institution. We will update the map as we learn of others.




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